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Resources for Teachers

Use our journalism and news literacy curriculum resources to produce high-quality, relevant stories that connect your community to national and global current events.

Lesson 1.1: What is Newsworthy?

Students learn about how decisions are made about what’s newsworthy.

Lesson 2.2: Interviewing: The Art of Asking Questions

Students practice calling a source to conduct a phone interview in a role-playing simulation activity. They learn five characteristics of good interviewing and five characteristics of being an effective source.

Lesson 2.3: Facts vs. Opinions vs. Informed Opinions and their Role in Journalism

Students learn why many people like opinions more than facts and reflect on the negative and positive consequences of this tendency. Then they practice three strategies for determining the difference between the opinions and facts to discover the power of critical thinking.

More From the Reporting Labs

West Virginia teen says college workshop was 'an opportunity that a lot of high school journalists only dream of'


Six members of the Student Reporting Lab at Richwood High School, accompanied by their teacher Susan Johnson, attended a workshop at the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University. The workshop was funded by a grant from the West Virginia Broadcaster's Association.

SRL stories up for major student journalism awards


SRL storytellers from Michigan and Texas told important national stories about economics and agriculture this year, and they are getting recognized for their work.

'Voy a la casa blanca': next generation of public media journalists visit the White House


Student All-Stars from around the country joined the teacher workshop this summer and conducted an interview in the White House.

Visiting Washington opens young Fort Mill journalist’s eyes


"I had an amazing experience as an SRL All-Star. I brought back from D.C. some new confidence, knowledge and American souvenirs."

Educators learn media literacy by producing artist profiles


In August, teachers and educators joined the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs to participate in the #SRLbootcamp2014 located in the Washington DC area.

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