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More From the Reporting Labs

Active resistance training for teachers aims to save lives in Montana school district

Reporting Lab Report | Sep 01, 2015

After Sandy Hook, a Montana school district implemented active resistance training for all teachers and school administrators as part of a new initiative to prioritize school safety and emergency preparedness.

Sentinel High School, Missoula, MT

On the rise: Evan Gulock

News | Jul 13, 2015

No more than two days after an incredible and intensive week in Washington, D.C. with Student Reporting Labs, I was off on my next PBS adventure with Detroit Public Television.

On the rise: Nick Weiss

News | Jul 13, 2015

Being at WITF Harrisburg has really helped me realize a side of media that I have only seen on television, heard on the radio or read on the internet.

On the rise: Kennedy Huff

News | Jul 01, 2015

I was granted the incredible opportunity to intern for KLRU-TV, the Austin PBS affiliate station, this summer in order to get a true taste of the professional journalism world.

Students train for careers in auto mechanics

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 11, 2015

Aloha High School's automotive tech program trains students for careers in mechanics with hands-on learning.

Health and Science School, Beaverton, OR
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