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SRL alumni jump start their careers with PBS station internships

Find out more about the Student Reporting Labs alumni interning at local PBS stations around the country.

Running and leaping through life at full speed

Justin Frevert, a parkour artist, explains how the sport has helped him overcome obstacles and embrace life’s challenges.

Graduation contest winners tell unique and inspiring stories

Earlier this year, the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program challenged students to participate in the American Graduate Road to Graduation competition by profiling teens who have overcome unique obstacles on their paths to success.

On the rise: Evan Gulock

No more than two days after an incredible and intensive week in Washington, D.C. with Student Reporting Labs, I was off on my next PBS adventure with Detroit Public Television.

On the rise: Nick Weiss

Being at WITF Harrisburg has really helped me realize a side of media that I have only seen on television, heard on the radio or read on the internet.

Austin millennials fighting against racial injustice

Chants of “Black Lives Matter,” and “No justice, No peace,” are filling the streets of cities across the country. Social activists have called for change in the way police officers interact with minority communities. In Austin, some young adults are at the frontlines of these protests.

#SRLAcademy journalists profile Washington-area artists, athletes

This summer, 18 students from around the country descended onto our nation's capital to participate in the inaugural Student Reporting Labs Academy.

The middle and high school fellows helped program leaders develop strategies to engage young people with the news and current affairs and ensure that diverse youth voices are active in the conversations about critical issues facing the nation.

On the rise: Kennedy Huff

I was granted the incredible opportunity to intern for KLRU-TV, the Austin PBS affiliate station, this summer in order to get a true taste of the professional journalism world.

Laid off roughneck misses life in the Bakken oil fields

After working on an oil rig and making a comfortable income, John Desjarlais found himself among the thousands of roughnecks let go in North Dakota after a fall in global oil prices shut down nearly half of North Dakota's rigs.

How a 9th-grader’s letter to Gwen Ifill inspired an entire school

This April, Gwen Ifill received a letter that began: “Dear Ms. Ifill, I hope you remember me, but if you do not, my name is Sophie Sabin.” That letter became a catalyst to an inspirational moment for hundreds of middle school students in Newark, New Jersey, today.

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