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The whistleblower

What does it take for a student to realize that a friend is planning something dangerous and take action?

Designing Hawaii schools that keep out danger and let in nature

On Maui, schools with multiple buildings are designed to withstand natural forces, not intruders. But in the wake of Columbine, Sandy Hook and other school shootings, administrators must find ways to balance security with nurturing learning environments. Student Television Network correspondent Sydney Dempsey reports, part of our ongoing Student Reporting Labs series “The New Safe.”

How an elementary school moves on after a shooting

In 2010, a gunman attacked an elementary school playground in suburban San Diego. Four years later, students from nearby Carlsbad High School visited the school to see how the community is healing, interviewing teachers and students on camera for the first time. This is story is part of a NewsHour Student Reporting Labs series on school safety through the eyes of young people.

PBS NewsHour names 18 fellows for inaugural student reporting academy

This summer, 18 talented young storytellers from 11 states will convene in the nation’s capital with a common objective: to help build the future of public media.

The New Safe: stories from the frontlines of school safety

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and the Student Television Network asked scholastic broadcast journalism programs across the United States to tell their own stories.

White House Student Film Festival honors Austin's Wheelchair Challenge story

The White House selected Austin High School's Student Reporting Lab story about Archer Hadley, a teen with cerebral palsy whose wheelchair challenge raised over $80,000 to install automatic push button doors at the school.

Reporting Labs share stories of giving back with White House Student Film Festival

When the White House called on the next generation of filmmakers to show how young people make a difference, Student Reporting Labs were ready to respond.

North Dakota Reporting Lab featured on local CBS news

Students at Turtle Mountain Community High School explore new ways to make their voices heard.

Live from New York: It's SRL on American Graduate Day

A behind-the-scenes look at American Graduate Day from the students of Philip's Academy Charter School and Montclair Kimberley Academy in Newark.

Should pro athletes be considered role models?

The NewsHour's Student Reporting Labs team asked high school students if professional athletes should be considered role models.

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