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SRL Connected Educator of the Month

Meet September's Connected Educator of the Month!

Young and old learn from each other in Detroit’s green space

Detroit‘s Clark Park has offered young people opportunities to grow and learn from community elders for generations. Student Reporting Labs fellow Evan Gulock took a close look at this vital community asset for Detroit Public Television.

Teachers capture movement, personalities at #SRLBootCamp2015

More than 30 teachers from across the U.S. gathered in Washington, D.C. this summer to hone their storytelling skills at the annual Student Reporting Labs teacher workshop. 

Collaborating with one another and public media mentors, the teachers attended workshops and demonstrations while practicing shooting, editing and web publishing in preparation for the upcoming school year. They also brainstormed ways to engage students in the classroom and topics that would benefit from a youth perspective. 

SRL fellows interview White House video director

Young producers visiting Washington, D.C. for this summer's SRL Academy interviewed White House Video Director Adam Garber about his work balancing history with publicity and how to have a successful career in film and digital media.

SRL alumni jump start their careers with PBS station internships

Find out more about the Student Reporting Labs alumni interning at local PBS stations around the country.

Running and leaping through life at full speed

Justin Frevert, a parkour artist, explains how the sport has helped him overcome obstacles and embrace life’s challenges.

Graduation contest winners tell unique and inspiring stories

Earlier this year, the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program challenged students to participate in the American Graduate Road to Graduation competition by profiling teens who have overcome unique obstacles on their paths to success.

On the rise: Evan Gulock

No more than two days after an incredible and intensive week in Washington, D.C. with Student Reporting Labs, I was off on my next PBS adventure with Detroit Public Television.

On the rise: Nick Weiss

Being at WITF Harrisburg has really helped me realize a side of media that I have only seen on television, heard on the radio or read on the internet.

Austin millennials fighting against racial injustice

Chants of “Black Lives Matter,” and “No justice, No peace,” are filling the streets of cities across the country. Social activists have called for change in the way police officers interact with minority communities. In Austin, some young adults are at the frontlines of these protests.

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