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White House Student Film Festival honors Austin's Wheelchair Challenge story

The White House selected Austin High School's Student Reporting Lab story about Archer Hadley, a teen with cerebral palsy whose wheelchair challenge raised over $80,000 to install automatic push button doors at the school.

Reporting Labs share stories of giving back with White House Student Film Festival

When the White House called on the next generation of filmmakers to show how young people make a difference, Student Reporting Labs were ready to respond.

North Dakota Reporting Lab featured on local CBS news

Students at Turtle Mountain Community High School explore new ways to make their voices heard.

Live from New York: It's SRL on American Graduate Day

What would you do if you were selected to be a youth correspondent during one of public media's most important days of programming?

Should pro athletes be considered role models?

The NewsHour's Student Reporting Labs team asked high school students if professional athletes should be considered role models.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala shares dream of a future where "every child is going to school"

Malala Yousafzai answers questions posed by our youth journalists during a conversation about the accessibility of education for everyone.

'Voy a la casa blanca': next generation of public media journalists visit the White House

Student All-Stars from around the country joined the teacher workshop this summer and conducted an interview in the White House.

Educators learn media literacy by producing artist profiles

In August, teachers and educators joined the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs to participate in the #SRLbootcamp2014 located in the Washington DC area.

Nervous about covering Obama’s KC visit? Try channeling Olivia Pope.

It then occurred to me that rather than being just someone in the crowd, I needed to tell a story and be a journalist. I needed to make an impact.

SRL Spotlight: Gabriel Gamiño

Being at Arizona PBS as an intern for a week has opened my eyes. I have learned a lot more about journalism from working behind the scenes to the production aspect of what goes into a show.

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