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Recent Student Reports

Cutting down on conflict minerals

Reporting Lab Report | Feb 19, 2015

Ever wonder if your laptop or tablet contains natural resources extracted in a conflict zone?

Trevor G. Browne High School, Phoenix, AZ

Marfa, Texas teens capture the appeal of their uniquely hip 'small town'

Reporting Lab Report | Sep 05, 2014

According to the students of Marfa, Texas, their town is anything but ordinary. As proof, they offer these audio stories that capture Marfa's tradition of ghost stories, its unique art tourism appeal and tales of everlasting friendships found only in their small community.

KRTS Youth Media, Marfa, TX

An amusement park with a zero exclusion policy

Reporting Lab Report | Sep 03, 2014

Find out what the inspiration was that sparked the creation of the first fully accessible theme park and why the founder felt it was his duty to construct a place that everyone can enjoy.

Communications Arts High School, San Antonio, TX

The benefits of giving back to your community

Reporting Lab Report | Jul 18, 2014

The student journalists from the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab at Royal Oak High School find out why students should consider spending their already stretched schedules helping out.

Royal Oak High School, Royal Oak, MI

Technological innovation's placement in the classroom

Reporting Lab Report | Jul 17, 2014

How are classrooms and educators keeping up with the evolving technological innovations happening in our lifetime? The PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab in Royal Oak, Michigan has that answer.

Royal Oak High School, Royal Oak, MI

Do recent technological advances benefit educational experiences?

Reporting Lab Report | Jul 10, 2014

At Royal Oak High School in Michigan, students and teachers debate the implementation of modern technology in the classroom.

Royal Oak High School, Royal Oak, MI

How to stay connected without the consequences

Reporting Lab Report | Jul 08, 2014

Find out how students are dealing with the distracting factor of technology. Our student reporters with Media Enterprise Alliance examine how putting down the phone can lead to higher average GPAs.

Media Enteprise Alliance, Oakland, CA

Should students be allowed to use tech for standardized testing?

Reporting Lab Report | Jul 07, 2014

Students at Royal Oak High School in Michigan investigate why technology during testing is so "taboo" amongst their peers.

Royal Oak High School, Royal Oak, MI

Gimme an 'S'! Is school spirit a teacher's new best friend?

Reporting Lab Report | Jul 03, 2014

Teachers at Royal Oak High School are getting their student's attention in a peculiar way. Find out how.

Royal Oak High School, Royal Oak, MI

Teen drag racer finds inspiration behind the wheel

Reporting Lab Report | Jul 01, 2014

The student reporters from Fraser High School in Fraser, Michigan profile high speed drag racer, Shelby Hoffmeyer.

Fraser High School, Fraser, MI
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