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Recent Student Reports

American Graduate Champions pave the way for success.

Reporting Lab Report | Nov 10, 2015

Students from Cedar Ridge High School celebrate American Graduate Day by recognizing the everyday champions in their lives.

Cedar Ridge High School, Round Rock, TX

Active resistance training for teachers aims to save lives in Montana school district

Reporting Lab Report | Sep 01, 2015

After Sandy Hook, a Montana school district implemented active resistance training for all teachers and school administrators as part of a new initiative to prioritize school safety and emergency preparedness.

Sentinel High School, Missoula, MT

West Texas teens cover big issues, robots in Marfa

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 17, 2015

Some might think of desolate prairies and mysterious, unexplained lights when they think of Marfa, but this West Texas town of about 2,000 residents boasts a wealth of stories captured best by teens the teens who call it home.

KRTS Youth Media, Marfa, TX

After hardship, student ready to "push on and face life"

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 16, 2015

A series of setbacks in early childhood and high school could have left Brittany discouraged about her future.

Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Louisville, KY

Students train for careers in auto mechanics

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 11, 2015

Aloha High School's automotive tech program trains students for careers in mechanics with hands-on learning.

Health and Science School, Beaverton, OR

For Norweigan student, graduation is a cultural experience

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 09, 2015

Hear a Norweigan student describe how her new experiences in the U.S. changed her outlook on education.

South Mountain High School, Phoenix, AZ

Serbian student looks forward to higher ed

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 09, 2015

Find out how Andjela Calasan plans to continue her education far away from her home country of Serbia.

South Mountain High School, Phoenix, AZ

South Sudanese student aims to save lives with medicine

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 09, 2015

Having escaped war in South Sudan, Madelina James plans to give back to the world by working in medicine.

Judge Memorial Catholic High School, Salt Lake City, UT

"Embrace it the best you can" - how a student found inspiration under tough circumstances

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 09, 2015

Once living in and out of children's homes in South Carolina, this high school student has set big goals for the future.

Legacy Charter School, Greenville, SC

A young singer aims high in the world of music

Reporting Lab Report | Jun 09, 2015

Having made it from a refugee camp in Nepal to the U.S., Bishnu now wants to spend her life creating music.

CPBN Media Lab, Hartford, CT
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