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Granby High School

Norfolk, VA


In his first year teaching at Granby High School, Will Huberdeau tackled five blocks of English 9 and one block of news production.

His news production class works with PBS's Student Reporting Labs to relay student voices through public media. The small staff also runs the school newspaper, The Spectator, which can be found online.

Will studied English at William and Mary and education at Old Dominion University.

In his free time, Will performs original music throughout Virginia and writes poems and short stories, four of which have been published.


Paula Sacks Eisen has been an English teacher in Norfolk, Virginia, for 21 years. During an 18-year hiatus from teaching, she was a press secretary and speechwriter for a congressional candidate, a managing editor for a regional magazine and an editor of a weekly newspaper.

Paula is currently a librarian at Granby High School but has been adviser of the school newspaper and the literary-art magazine and has served on the Board of Judges for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Paula is extremely proud that two years ago, PBS invited Granby High School to join the Student Reporting Labs project


Lisa Godley of WHRO is the public media mentor for Granby High School.