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About the Student Reporting Labs

Because informed and engaged young people are critical for a healthy democracy, the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program connects high school students to local PBS stations and news professionals in their community to produce original, student-generated video reports.The young people who participate in the project learn how to report, problem-solve, synthesize information and investigate important topics.

The project also includes a news literacy/digital media curriculum and online collaborative space designed to transform their understanding of news, build a foundation of civic engagement and spark a life-long interest in current events.

The Reporting Labs were made possible by grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Science Foundation and Constitution USA with Peter Sagal.

The following is a video message from NewsHour correspondents to participants in the Reporting Labs project.

The stations participating in this project include:

Alabama Public Television

CPTV in Connecticut

Detroit Public TV

Georgia Public Broadcasting

Hawaii Public Broadcasting

Iowa Public Television

KCPT in Kansas City, MO

KCTS in Seattle, Washington

KLRU and KUT in Austin, TX

KQED in Northern California

KTOO in Alaska

KUYI Hopi Radio

Las Vegas PBS

Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

Montana PBS

Nashville Public Television

PBS SoCal in Southern California

Prairie Public Broadcasting in North Dakota

South Carolina ETV

TPT in Saint Paul, Minnesota

WAMU in Washington, DC

WCET in Cincinnati, OH

WEDU in Florida

West Virginia Public Broadcasting

WETA in Arlington, VA

WFYI in Indiana

WHRO in Norfolk, VA

WLIW in New York

WNET in New York

WTTW in Chicago

Wisconsin Public Television

Watch students, teachers and mentors talk about how Student Reporting Labs is making a difference in lives and communities.

If you are interested in supporting the Labs, please contact Leah Clapman.

Watch Reporting Labs Participants Reflect on Experience on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.